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Taxonomic Information on Cultivated Plants in GRIN-Global

Concluding Remarks

The Agricultural Research Service invites and encourages those interested to access and utilize GRIN-Global data over the Internet. Errors or discrepancies in the taxonomic data that are uncovered should be reported to NGRL to ensure their correction. We would like to cooperate with other individuals and organizations active in the taxonomy of cultivated plants to further our common interests in arriving at a more stable, scientifically accurate, nomenclature. We hope these efforts can lead to the development of an internationally recognized standard reference for scientific names of cultivated plants.

Privacy policy

The Australian Grains Genebank collects personal information, such as organisation, contact and address details for the purposes of registering donor information when new germplasms are deposited into the AGG, or as recipient information when orders for seed are placed. Once registered, you can self-manage your personal information through your user profile. No information is made publicly available as recipient of germplasm from the Australian Grains Genebank

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